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quangongzi's blog

directors sitting together on the Road is actually a common thing, but more floating on the surface, flowing through the track, tight mouth is the characteristics of most enterprises. The reason, the floor industry to enter the threshold is relatively low, easy to imitate the product, the competition is fierce. And in a series of financial crisis and

the impact of real estate policy control, the floor business profits are very low, most difficult to survive. In this context, the enterprise buried in their own benefits, no time to take into account how the development of the industry, but will not take their own successful experience for others to share. 2010 International Flooring Innovation

Marketing Forum in a sense is a new attempt and development. In fact, in this special stage, the business together to talk about innovative marketing is to take a lot of risk, but the organizers said that the purpose of the forum is the United Nations inside and outside the floor marketing elite strength, to create China's flooring industry with

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wood. There are some differences in the living environment of these two species. 2, the average price of oak wood than the price of rubber to be higher. But the price of rubber wood furniture is not necessarily cheaper than oak furniture. 3, oak texture is very hard, feel very heavy; and rubber wood is relatively soft, feel more light. 4, oak has a more obvious Yamagata tree pattern, and touch the touch is very smooth and delicate, which are rough rubber wood

can not be imitated. Second, oak TV cabinet prices Oaks mainly produced in Europe and North America, currently a large number produced in Russia and the United States, China has the same oak with the oak, but the production is very low quality timber, so our annual imports of large quantities of oak , Which is the reason why oak prices are more expensive. At present, the excellent price of oak TV cabinet up to tens of thousands of cubic meters per cubic

meter. Oak TV cabinet prices ranging from, but the price of oak TV cabinet market is definitely not too low, if someone to buy a very cheap oak TV cabinet, to take a closer look at the rubber wood or oak ah. Oak TV cabinet raw materials are generally imported, so the oak itself is very expensive. The current increase in the value of labor on the market with the cost of production, want to buy a genuine oak TV cabinet I am afraid not very cheap. And the price

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Rose wood, also known as mahogany, acid wood. English in the rose wood, used to refer to the yellow tangerine plant wood, refers to the time may include rosewood plant wood. Chinese mahogany, initially Composite Wood Cladding Dimesions refers to the red wood, and later used to refer to the Ming and Qing Dynasties to pear, red sandalwood and red sticks as the representative of the dark hardwood furniture wood. Today, the national standard of mahogany, including red sandalwood, Dalbergia, clam beans, iron wood and not belong to the leguminous plants of the four kinds of persimmon plant wood.

The late Ming Dynasty, the Yangtze River downstream how to close a patio using plexi glass lattice Asia-Pacific area south of pear furniture rise, the atmosphere continued to the early Qing Dynasty, this period of dark hardwood furniture known as Ming-style furniture. Later, due to lack of raw materials and technical advances how to make garden furniture out of decking in pear and other factors, red sandalwood, red acid, etc. to replace the pear, dark dark wood furniture, the main material. Qing Dynasty dark hardwood furniture is the mainstream of high-grade furniture, loved by the court and wealthy families.

Mahogany color deep, hard, often oil texture, its density close to the water even greater than the water, generally grown in the tropical and often become more slowly. Most of the mahogany wood belongs to the Patio Furniture Manufacturers leguminous butterfly subfamily in the plant classification. Mahogany furniture in the production is usually not painted.

is right clear, and the label that waits for check board, curium the circumstance such as the edge. Meanwhile, forklift member still be in buy floor decking charge of every interval two battlementses board the length that measures board battlements, width and diagonal, see these data whether accord with a requirement. 5 it is to do good safe production to defend daily seriously, supervise, examination and employee education

groom the job, the equipment malfunction case that had appeared in the past, the account that produces from breakdown, solve the respect such what is the coast of wood beams as method,

precautionary measures to form written material to offer staff study, for safe, high yield high qualitative production laid good foundation. (make a fence with bottles civil: Mo Yun is tall) Haven of Cameroon Du Ala waits for carry lumber because of monsoon the amount is small.outdoor deck manufacturer

imperfect and so on. Affected by the above conditions, even if the business better business is also difficult to obtain adequate credit support, so this to a certain extent affected the overall industry development. Fourth, the plate industry is facing upgrading, the product is facing upgrading. Throughout the development trend of the entire

plate industry is gradually to the fine, high-end products, end consumer products over, especially in the South has been completed the final transformation of finished products, such as the formation of wood flooring, furniture, office supplies High-end consumer terminal products based on the new plate industry, in the consumer market

terminal has a high visibility. And the city's plate industry is still the main plate rough processing, no leading enterprises, not a brand effect, the lack of core competitiveness, therefore, faced with the integration, upgrading, transformation of the tasks and requirements. Third, the recommendations and countermeasures First, according to the

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Plywood is also called plywood, multi-layer material is the first invention of the technology of wood. It is made of thin wood veneer. By the adjacent two layers of wood grain perpendicular to wood plastic composite decking kits each other (veneer) overlap. Between the pieces of wood coated with a high strength of a certain pressure in a certain pressure from the pressure together.

Usually with phenolic gum, urea formaldehyde and melamine gel. A common reason to use plywood instead of wood is because Custom Outdoor Wood Plastic Composite Prodcuts the plywood has a strong resistance to rupture, shrinkage, anti-twist and ordinary high-strength properties.

Plywood has a wide range of classification and use. Cork plywood is usually made of Citrus grandis and pine trees, which are widely free standing deck plans Asia-Pacific used in architectural and industrial purposes. Decorative plates are usually made of hardwood plywood. Including red oak, birch, maple, eucalyptus (Philippine mahogany) and other hardwood species. Plywood, if used indoors, generally use cheaper urea formaldehyde. This plastic waterproof performance is limited. Outdoor use and inexpensive synthetic decking products ocean plate due to the use of phenolic glue to prevent corrosion. To resist the plywood layered opening and closing, and in high humidity to maintain strength.

business of plywood production, exit as a major, inferior dark the core group of the company already dip excessive meantime 20 years, the company holds water 10 years to come, can molded interior composite doors be stained exit forehead and market are had rate is constant expand, 2016, company plywood exports more than 180 million dollar, occupy the whole nation to export portion about 6% . "The core that sincere letter, professional, brand, service is us.

manages a concept " , inferior dark Xu Xuewen of company general manager says so. "Sincere letter is the conscience of the enterprise, quality is the life of the enterprise "waterproof upper deck flooring porch Doorsill of plywood industry admittance is low, market competition is intense, come back especially the innovation that cuts a technology, let lumber get more sufficient use, also let China become man-made plank to produce big country,

hold global output 40% above. If why be extended in intense market environment,live, inferior dark the company holds water begin, insist to rely on sincere letter to manage,buy wpc floor decking in Belgium win the client's credit. "The conscience that sincere letter is an enterprise " , xu Xuewen says. One, the plank that an agent offers to use low level pretends to be advanced course plank, suffer the rejection of the company. 2015,wpc deck board

the cost of the means : 1, in the production process mixed with lower grades of the board (plate grade difference of up to 60 yuan per square meter); 2, the use of rapid drying, reduce the balance of moisture content of the plate cycle, to shorten the production cycle,

The rate to reduce the cost; 3, the choice of low-cost ordinary paint (soft surface scratch-resistant paint is more than 3 times the ordinary paint), after increasing the number of primer to fill the flatness of the plate, and then use the color of the paint process ,

To cover up the plate grade defects. Such as the floor saw the broken ends of the obvious "yin and yang color"; floor paint seemingly flat, full, but the color is turbid, the texture is not clear, such flooring in the use of the process prone to deformation,

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PET foam core material, the main component of polyethylene terephthalate (Polyethylene terephthalate), commonly known as polyester resin. PET foam is a kind of closed-cell thermoplastic structural foam, with a certain shear, compression strength, it is often used for sandwich structural material core material, is widely used in construction, road composite wood plastic cladding transport, rail transportation, aviation, Field PET foam is a closed-cell thermoplastic structural foam that is suitable for all resin systems and process technologies.

Has the following characteristics: processing convenience: by thermoforming, can achieve a complex structure of the body, and in the heated state of good thermal stability. Good mechanical properties: good shear, compression performance. Reusable: In the production process scrap, chips can be reused to make new materials.

Environmentally friendly: the use of traditional PET foam in the production of fluoride best composite outdoor steps Latin America as a blowing agent, will have some impact on the environment and human health, but the latest PET foam technology can use the production process of carbon dioxide as a blowing agent, so Can be zero emissions of greenhouse gases, very conducive to environmental protection.

High temperature: in the processing process can take a short time about 150 ℃ temperature, the service life can be a long time to Price For Linear Footage And Fence Panels Iran withstand about 100 ℃ temperature. As a composite material sandwich structure core material, PET foam core material of the mechanical properties and foam density. The higher the density, the better the mechanical properties, but the greater the weight, the more materials required, the higher the cost. PET foam core material of the anti-fatigue performance is better, better than some Cheap Pvc Decks Suppliers Newcastle PVC foam core material.

above, feel it's wet degree. 3, knock nail method: you can try to nail into the wooden nail, if it is easy to carry, then the wood is relatively dry, on the contrary, the humidity is relatively large. 4, jitter method: the product can be the wooden side, from one end of the force jitter, if the quality of unqualified, generally easy to break from the middle of a broken. 5, eye view: a wooden side, from beginning to end a total of how many knots, if the knuckles were black,

it would not work, easy to install when the break. Wooden side of the role and selection methods, had a small series on the end of the show, we hope to buy wooden side to help. For more information on decoration materials, please continue to focus on home decoration network.After checking the quality of the early works, the carpenter can approach. So what is the order of the woodworking process, what is the skill of the woodworking process, what matters

need attention? Xiao Bian in the following details of the next woodworking approach, skills and precautions. The order of the woodworking process After checking the quality of the preliminary works, the carpenters can approach, and the order of the woodworking approach: 1, the first trial, clear what furniture to create, the number is based on the furniture The amount of material used to calculate. 2, carpentry start: first nail according to Taiwan, and then

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