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The cheaper fake Vanbangles You should not neglect from zroessgs viesoess's blog

Liberals said Last Tango in Paris was genius but is it the most SHAMEFUL film ever made

When it premiered in Paris in 1972, it caused a sensation that echoed around the world. Across France, cinema goers queued for hours to see it, joined by Spanish film lovers who travelled hundreds of miles to get around General Franco's ban on the shocking movie.

Film fans had never seen such cold, brutal sexual explicitness as in Last Tango In Paris and certainly not from the two leviathans of the cinema, Marlon Brando and the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci.

Brando, at the height of his success after The Godfather was released a few months earlier, played a widowed American who starts an anonymous sexual relationship with a much younger woman played by the French newcomer Maria Schneider.

In a newly unearthed video interview from 2013, 76 year old Bernardo Bertolucci admits the infamous rape scene in which Brando's character used butter was not consensual and that he hadn't warned Maria Schneider what was going to happen

The most notorious scene contains a protracted rape in which Brando's character who Bertolucci based on himself forces himself on the sobbing, struggling girl.

Schneider was 19 and Brando 48, and the film clearly represented a sexual fantasy of Bertolucci's. It was, he explained, about 'seeing a beautiful, nameless woman in the street and having sex with her without ever knowing who she was'. Both of his stars said the director pressed them to actually have sex although they say they refused. by cavorting naked for a photospread in Playboy magazine. Bertolucci ramped up the excitement by describing Schneider as 'a Lolita but more perverse',perpetual date rolex fake, who had developed an 'Oedipal fixation with Brando'.

Schneider, making her starring debut and anxious to please the powerful filmmaker, claimed she had slept with 70 women and 50 men, and used heroin, cocaine and marijuana. She later admitted she had made up the stories simply to interest the Press.

The film industry's liberal establishment fell over itself to heap praise on Last Tango.

'I walked out of the screening and said to myself: 'How dare I make another film?' My personal and artistic life will never be the same again,' gushed Gosford Park director Robert Altman.

Pauline Kael, influential film critic of The New Yorker magazine, compared the film's arrival to the first performance in Paris of Stravinsky's dissonant ballet The Rite Of Spring in 1913, which was regarded as a revolutionary moment in classical music.

'This must be the most powerful erotic movie ever made, and it may turn out to be the most liberating movie ever made,' she intoned. 'Bertolucci and Brando have altered the face of an art form.'

Even if he didn't physically rape her, the panic and distress on her face, and the tears running down it, were real as Brando ripped off Schneider's underwear

Both of them won Oscars and Last Tango raked it in at the box office, becoming so popular that cinemas in London were able to screen it for years on end. Even though the rape scene was one of the most disturbing two and a half minutes of cinema ever made, the film was not only art but a seminal moment in the sexual revolution, claimed its fans.

However, there were reports from New York of 'well dressed wives' vomiting in disgust at an inaugural film festival screening, as well as a few brave voices of protest from those who dared to contradict the wave of critical acclaim.

Mary Whitehouse, tireless champion of morality and decency, was outraged when British censors cut just ten seconds (part of the rape scene) but still allowed it to be released with an X certificate.

Because this weekend it emerged, to howls of outrage, that Brando and Bertolucci played a vile trick on the young actress Maria Schneider for whom the film turned out to be nothing short of a calamity.

In a newly unearthed video interview from 2013,perpetual date rolex imitation, 76 year old Bertolucci admits the infamous rape scene in which Brando's character used butter was not consensual and that he hadn't warned Schneider what was going to happen.

He and Brando had decided on the butter on the day of filming but felt it would be more effective cinematically not to tell Schneider. 'I didn't tell her what was going on because I wanted her reaction as a girl,rolex oyster perpetual day date imitation, not as an actress,' said Bertolucci matter of factly.

'I wanted her to react humiliated,' he added. 'I think she hated me and also Marlon because we didn't tell her.' Although he claimed to 'still feel very guilty about that', he didn't regret the incident.

Schneider told the Daily Mail in 2007, four years before her death in Paris, that she had felt 'a little raped' after shooting the scene with Brando, who was 48

Even if he didn't physically rape her, the panic and distress on her face, and the tears running down it, were real as Brando ripped off Schneider's underwear.

Pinning her arms out in front of her, he thrust himself against her while demanding that she repeat a twisted philosophical creed he was reciting to her.

News of Bertolucci's remarks has prompted an outcry from Hollywood stars on Twitter, including calls for all copies of the film to be destroyed. 'This is beyond disgusting. I feel rage,' said Chris Evans, star of the Captain America superhero films.

'To all the people that love this film you're watching a 19 year old get raped by a 48 year old man. The director planned the attack. I feel sick,' said Zero Dark Thirty actress Jessica Chastain.

'Heartbreaking and outrageous',fake rolex oyster perpetual day date, chorused Westworld star, Evan Rachel Wood. Brando and Bertolucci were 'sick individuals to think that was OK'.

A nna Kendrick was one of the few stars who was unsurprised, saying she had known about it for years. 'I used to get eye rolls when I brought it up to people,' she said.

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