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How to get the most out of firebombs and HE grenades in CS: GO

How to throw grenades

While using primary fire will result in a long collection throw, secondary fire a short length throw and holding both offers you something in between. It's also possible to achieve includes between the normal three by liberating the buttons in different orders with different timings. Play around with it before you have a feel for your options.

Header image courtesy of Faith&Fear on Heavy steam.

In order to be successful in Counter-Strike: International Offensive you need to be able to take control within the map and deal damage. Large explosive grenades and the two firebombs serve both purposes. A well timed HE can slow your enemy t movement enough for you to pick up a fairly easy kill. Buy the Cheapest CSGO Skins They can also be used in in an alloy with either a Molotov or another HE to accomplish even more damage and potentially destroy an opponent without ever putting oneself at risk.

The difference between a good grenade user and a really good one is just how well you coordinate with your teammates. Then it s important to know how, why then when to use grenades if you want to improve your online game. www.csgo4skin.com

Control device kicks off CS: GO pistol adjustments with Tec-9 nerf

CS: GO's Tec-9 is often the pistol for ones on the Terrorist side: it's low-cost, deals decent damage and has a top rate of fire. But now Valve provides announced a nerf to the gun that may kickstart wider changes to pistols amongst people. It wants to "emphasise skillful connectivity to the weapons", you see.

While the Tec-9's 1st shot will be slightly more accurate, showering down an enemy will be more challenging because accuracy when firing swiftly will be reduced.

The changes will "emphasise aiming while retaining the weapon’s high mobility", Valve says-basically, you've got to pick your shots rather than just spamming left click.

The changes, now inside beta, were announced on the CS: GO blog. There's no details but on what pistol is up next, or perhaps how other weapons will be improved, but expect similar tweaks shortly.buy csgoskins So , in preparation, why not study Fredrik's guide for improving your pistol play and Stefan's guide to selecting the most appropriate weapon? www.csgo4skin.com

The particular ESL is negotiating a great deal with Twitch, Vulcun, and also top Counter-Strike: Global Unpleasant teams to establish a new CS: GO league independent associated with Valve. What's particularly fascinating (and potentially alarming) concerning the plan is that according to the Every day Dot, the new league will be exclusive, meaning that teams actively playing under its auspices may not be allowed to play anywhere else. Typically the ESL, however , says a possibility seeking to prevent teams going to tournaments put on by other businesses.

The plan is being backed by Vulcun, which earlier this week introduced that it had raised $12 million in new funding through investors including Sequoia Capital, Universal Music Group, Tag Pincus of Zynga, along with other "angel investors. " Resources say the total value of the particular package offered by ESL along with Vulcun runs around $18 million, a "hefty amount of which" will be compensated to teams in exchange for your exclusivity agreement.

The uniqueness angle was challenged through Managing Director of Pro Video gaming Ulrich Schuzle, however , who else tweeted a link to an ESL post on Reddit soon after reports of the negotiations arrived. "There is only one thing to say of this: ESL is not thinking about locking out any event organizers from running CS: GO events, nor groups from attending them, inch it states.

Either way, since the Daily Dot points out, it appears clear that the ESL want to distance itself from Device. The CS: GO contest at ESL One Perfume announced earlier this year is actually billed as the largest on the planet, with a $250, 000 reward pool, but unlike earlier tournaments that were "community funded" in conjunction with Valve, this year's event is being covered completely by the ESL. The modify struck me as unusual at the time-why say "no" if somebody else wants to feet the bill?

An awful lot of questions stay unanswered, including how the brand new league would handle Valve-imposed bans on players active in the recent match-fixing scandal. Cheap CSGO Skins A possibility yet a done offer, and the report says some other CS: GO organizations are attempting to reach Valve, which is evidently in the midst of its annual worker holiday in Hawaii, in hopes that it may intervene. If they can't, or even if Valve decides to remain hands-off, it will mean a few very big changes to typically the pro CS: GO picture. www.csgo4skin.com

In addition to the ease of aiming as well as obvious range advantages, many of Darkfall spells have splash damage that can hit a target if your shot is close sufficient, or even hit multiple targets. Magic really does come with its disadvantages as well. Most of the spells in the game require a reagent or component to cast with the exception of the starter spells. This means the life span of a mage can be costly, and skilling up spells as well as school with components can be a hard street. As such, starting the game as a pure mage right out of the gate will come off because extremely difficult. Periods are also easier to dodge than arrows in range because they are simpler to spot and usually travel slower through the air. Magic also has a tendency in order to fizzle more when you are wearing heavier shield, but there is an armored magic casting ability that helps offset it a little if you are able to skill it up. Those who delve heavy into magic may also be forced later on to create decisions about that schools to go after. New spells as well as schools of miracle are unlocked while you progress through prerequisite school, but some restrictions start to show up down the road. Darkfall does not allow you to specialize in schools of magic that are polar opposites, such as Fireplace and Water, Earth and Air. You could have 2 out of the 4 elements, as long as they don’t clash with each other, but your end video game plans will need to be thought out to avoid learning the wrong areas.

Probably one of my favorite facets of PvP combat that makes Darkfall unique is the incapacitation of a gamer when they reach zero life (excluding the rare and freakish decapitation). This begins a 60 second or so window to get to decide the fate of the dropped player, or have a few choice words with them. There are no restore spells in Darkfall, but when somebody is in this condition, anyone can help them back up without need of any spell or item. If the person lays generally there for too long, they are going to bleed to death and expire. The option is also your to provide the final blow to deliver the fallen gamer back to their bind point naked, csgo4skinas well as ironically this is called the “Gank” skill by the game. Incapacitated players will yell away “HELP ME! ” when reaching zero life, which can be noticed from quite a distance away. Questing in Darkfall at this point doesn’t appear to play as much a task than it does in some of the other more modern MMOs. Considering that there are no experience factors, quests seem to be a method to get your hands on some items or cash. Locating the quest givers is not as easy also through recent games. You will find no floating symbols over NPCs like in WoW, WAR, as well as AoC. Some vendor NPCs simply will have a quest tabs on their menu, however, you won’t know unless you talk to them.

The quests themselves are really nothing special in all honesty. Most of them consist of the same basic stuff we have seen the last few many years where you are sent to either kill a certain amount of a monster, or collect some items through monsters, or kill the monsters within a certain time frame. It isn’t to say they aren’t rewarding to perform, but they are just because uninspiring as any other MMO, unless I simply haven’t found the great ones yet. PvE in Darkfall is a bit different than other Mmorpgs in a few ways. For starters, since there are no amounts or a con system, you never really understand just how powerful a monster (or player) is until you fight it. Luckily, if you find yourself getting in a bit over your head, it is not too much to escape the aggro range by sprinting away. Since there are additionally no experience factors, your motivation with regard to engaging in this section of the game will be with regard to monetary gain and gear. csgo4skin.comMonsters for the most part appear to drop the items you see them wearing or even using in fight, so if a goblin is shooting you with a bow, you are able to assume that it will be in the body after you defeat him. That being said, the monster AI is a step up from other games. Monsters with ribbon will try to kite you sometimes, other people call for help, and some strafe around you to prevent being hit http://www.csgo4skin.com  .

qiuyehui Aug 15 · Tags: csgo4skin

“When we created Wizard101, we knew we had something special, ” said J. Todd Coleman, the Director of Wizard101. “We’re thrilled to see that so many people, young and old, agree with all of us. You can usually inform how well a virtual world does within the first couple of months of launch by how many realms they add or eliminate. We started along with about a dozen and we’ve tripled because release. ”Wizard101 has received high compliment for its wide appeal. Dragonspyre, the recently-launched first major world expansion, continues the actual storyline in an historic haunted world wherever players will encounter challenging new battles and ultimately discover the truth about renegade Death Magic teacher Malistaire Drake’s menacing plans. Several new Player vs . Player Arenas have also been added where players may challenge each other within either Practice or even Ranked duels, along with up to four Wizards per team. Soon Wizard101 unveils the special, limited-time content material in celebration associated with Valentine’s Day, such as a special holiday-themed Piggle pet, and a choice of wands and staves. All items can be bought with Crowns from the non-player character named Valentina, and every item may also be obtained after successful battles through the entire game.

Gamestop had released the per-order launch dates and also the prices for Champs Online and Star Trek Online. (Via Ten Ton Hammer) Based on the pre-order information on Gamestop, Champions Online is set to release on 06 2, 2009, and Star Trek On the internet is slated with regard to January 26, 2010. IBM has released information regarding the Virtual Worlds User Interface for the Blind stating, “Virtual Worlds User Interface for the Blind is a prototype ‘accessible rich Internet application’ (ARIA) that gives blind customers the ability to participate in many virtual world actions. It provides basic navigation, communication, csgo4skin.comand perception functions using GUI (graphical user interface) elements that are common to blind users. ” Interfaces for your blind have been considered since the popularization of the personal computer and possibly previously. From the 1987 distribution of “A user interface for deaf-blind people (preliminary report)” to a lot of various hypothesized software like The vOICe, and devices like the e-Sullivan, there has been a long time require and desire to produce such accessibility within the real and virtual world, and now IBM is accepting the task.

The IBM ARIA team hopes to make use of the efforts associated with visually able participants stating, “As a way of enriching the actual virtual environment along with descriptive semantic information, sighted users lead annotations of virtual objects and places using a scripted device equipped by their avatar. These annotations are then made available to the blind customers through the special user interface. ”Along with literal descriptions, verbalization can also be desired and created for, as the website describes “A key aspect of the project is a special annotation device equipped by the prototypes of sighted customers.csgo4skin This device allows the actual sighted users to pick virtual world objects and locations to explain for the blind. An online browser page is then triggered, and also the sighted user is allowed to enter available attributes, such as a customized name and brief and long descriptions of the item or even location.? It is also possible (and encouraged) for your user to document and upload a verbal description towards the database. This data is later made available to the blind customers through the user interface because they navigate into annotated areashttp://www.csgo4skin.com . ”

this could also have you impressive your allies for damage because the video game has friendly fire. A vertical chop while having a narrow cone of damage, works better in crowded situations because it reduces the chance of impressive nearby allies in a frantic battle. Shooting a bow in Darkfall requires some degree of skill when it comes to aiming your shot. When you fire a good arrow, it will arch through the air instead of traveling in a directly line like a bullet. This means that the archer will have to compensate for this particular by aiming the actual crosshair above his target depending on what lengths away it is. Pushing and holding your own left mouse switch will make your character load an antelope, which can be held as long as you continue to hold down the button. This allows you to wait for as soon as of your choosing to take your shot. The upside to archery, besides the range advantage, is that arrows can be very hard to dodge if the shooter has good aim because of the speed they travel in the direction of through the air. Drawback to archery is you can only hit one target at a time, and that arrows are not totally free. This can make it difficult for new and financially struggling players maintain with the price of acquiring arrows on a regular basis, although some of the starting mobs are known to drop small quantities.

Archery only skills upward when you shoot a good arrow, and being that they are not recoverable once fired, raising this particular skill can wind up costing you. Magic is broken up in to many schools, every with their own spells. In addition to skilling upward each school of magic, each spell acts as its own skill. The more you cast a spell, the better you will become with it. Higher skilled spells will progress and start to travel quicker through the air, perform more damage, csgo4skin.comand even shoot multiple projectiles. Like archery, shooting spells at your foe will require some degree of coordination because they have to be manually aimed. The good news is that magic is easier to aim compared to your bow because your spells will journey in a straight collection exactly to wherever your crosshair is pointed without arcing. In addition to the ease of targeting and obvious variety advantages, many of Darkfall spells have splash damage that can strike a target in case your shot is close enough, or even strike multiple targets.

Magic does come with its disadvantages as well. Most of the spells in the game need a reagent or component to cast with the exception of the actual starter spells. This means the life of a mage can be costly, and skilling up spells and school along with components can be a difficult road. As such, beginning the game as a pure mage right from the gate will come off as extremely difficult. csgo4skinSpells are also easier to dodge than arrows at range as they are easier to spot and generally travel reduced through the air. Magic also has a tendency to fizzle more when you are wearing heavier armor, but it comes with an armored magic throwing skill that helps balance it a little if you are able to skill it up. Those who get deep into magic will also be forced later on to make decisions regarding which schools in order to pursue. New spells and schools of magic are revealed to you as you progress via prerequisite school, but some restrictions start to appear down the road. Darkfall does not let you specialize in colleges of magic which are polar oppositeshttp://www.csgo4skin.com  ,

qiuyehui Aug 13 · Tags: csgo4skin

This really is NOTE: Before you go through, some people have already begun to misunderstand what this is about. I’m not drawing comparisons between lakes or even kiddy pools as well as particular games (I’m asking YOU to do that after you read the next sentence). It’s about the aspects of game design because they pertain to what can make a kiddy pool a kiddy pool and a lake a lake for YOU. It is about the total encounter in a mmorpg and just how it can relate to the total experience YOU are capable of having based on how YOU view the elements of these scenarios. Do not go through MY feelings on the subject as definitive simply because they’re not. Usually do not read these because analogies - go through them as drawing comparisons. NOTE #2: I’ve added another element to this conversation. Race Tracks vs . Legos. Let’s look at what makes a race track a race track, and Legos, Legos. I’ll add my thoughts within the comments as not to completely disrupt the flow of the blog entry.

Look carefully at the pictures over. What do you see? Now think about MMO’s (MMORPG’s, MMOG’s, MMOFPS, etc . ) and appear again. What would you see now? Since you’ve taken a second to look at the photos and think about all of them before and after considering MMO’s, what terms, images, details, feelings, etc ., come to mind? Try to work those suggestions out of your head into something you can explain, then write them straight down somewhere. I’m likely to write what found mind for me beneath. Size - The lake is bigger than the kiddy pool.csgo4skin.com Scope - The picture of the river brings trees, coastline, a large body of water, and provides a somewhat mind-boggling sense of atmosphere. The Kiddy Swimming pool focuses in carefully on details like the water, the pool, the toys, the dog, and the hose; whenever we look at the pool it is much easier to take everything in. Realism -- The kiddy pool excites the imagination with pictures of characters. There’s a toy in the drinking water to play with and a little friend. In a way, it’s a highly stylized experience. The river has very little creativeness because it’s just what you expect to see within nature.

Effort -- The lake probably took hundreds or even thousands of years to obtain where it’s at. The kiddy likely took mere moments. To swim within the lake would need that you know how to swim. It would take additional time to swim aross, to tread drinking water, and to experience every thing this lake provides. The Kiddy Swimming pool doesn’t require much effort - you can sit in it as well as splash around with no need for training or even additional knowledge. The kiddy pool is user friendly for everyone. Age - When I look at the Kiddy Pool I initially think “children”. When I look at the Lake I initially believe “older people”. But both can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Freedom -- The kiddy pool is a confined area. Not much can easily fit in the kiddy pool. The kiddy pool requires those enjoying it to use a bit more of their imagination or accept that what goes on here will require you to definitely ‘let go’ and enjoy. It’s a controled environment. The Lake can hold boats, a large number of people, csgo4skinfish, as well as allows people thee ability to explore their own methods of enjoyment. Security - There is hardly any that could go wrong within the Kiddy Pool. It is closely supervised and also the risk is lower. If the pool empties then the hose is closeby to ensure the safety of the person as well as their enjoyment. The Lake on the otherhand poses a much greater threat. By comparison it is much less safe to swim in a river or to partake in river activitieshttp://www.csgo4skin.com   .

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The Forsaken Inn also serves as a vital meeting place as well as trading post. Out front, the outmatched constable, Bram Ashleaf, seeks sword-arms willing to confront the invading Goblins. Inside, the fantastic hall houses the motley collection of each schemers and good-hearted folk looking for prepared adventurers to help them get rich or simply get by. Some of these people hail from Bree-land, while others come from a local tribe of Males called the Eglain. Tranquil but imperiled, the actual Eglain are rustic vagabonds who reside off the land as well as its ruins, trading antiques and artifacts for wares from Bree and beyond. It’s the Eglain who maintain the fortified haven of Ost Guruth, north of the Eastern Road about halfway between Weathertop and the Last Bridge. It’s the only safe location for commerce, mail, and a Stable-master between the Forsaken Inn and the Trollshaws. The Eglain have made a home for themselves amid the actual ruins of Ost Guruth, a place of some simple comfort and ease in great need of sword-arms as well as honest hearts. The region’s long, ope n border along with Bree-land in the west allows adventurers in order to wander in from the Midgewater Marshes -- and Orc-kind in order to sneak out in to the Far Chetwood. (Strider crossed this open border with Frodo and the Hobbits to prevent the eyes on the highway. ) Orcs having the mark of the White Hand came to ruins as well as valleys all along the road.

Trolls have crept from the nearby Trollshaws into the marshes of Harloeg, southern of the East Road. Even treacherous Dwarves of the Dourhand clan have claimed the cluster of nearby ruins, where these people dig for items from the vanished kingdoms. But not every newcomer is an enemy. Rangers from the north have quietly come in Strider’s wake to disrupt the Enemy as well as protect the honour of Amon Sûl. One particular and unforeseen pilgrim in the Lone-lands has come to rally the free people and organise a new defense against the evils gaining strength amidst the Rhudauran Hill-men. He is the Wizard called Radagast the actual Brown, and even this individual fears the dreadful plans that Angmar may have for the Lone-lands now. From the Forsaken Inn to the Final Bridge, csgo4skinthe Lone-lands brim with risk. Varied foes, along with varied goals, lurk in the shadows as well as swamps off the Eastern Road, and while they do not all serve exactly the same masters, they all are at odds of the Free Individuals. There are many serpents in order to behead before the Lone-lands can be counted safe. Don’t tarry long in the Lone-lands before you seek out Candaith, the Ranger camped near the western foot of Weathertop. He’s been watching the White Hand Orcs,

come recently from the southern, and has troubling news of their visits to the top of Amon Sûl. He requires a fellowship to help him retake Weathertop. Half-orcs and goblins, in whose shrines to their wicked lords exude the menacing dread, right now claim many of the ruined keeps and castles in the Lone-lands. Be prepared to make several trips into places such as Minas Eriol, concealed in a canyon southern of the Forsaken Hotel, where goblins as well as Wargs dwell amidst ancient ruins over a pit of nesting spiders. That is the retreat of the goblin war-chief Nishrûk, who brought their hordes out of the north only for the Orcs of the White Hand to press them into service. Close to the eastern edge of the region, two great swamps stretch away from the East Road. To the south sprawls Harloeg, its woods teeming with trolls, the deepest ruins haunted by the tortured shades of Arthedain troops and ruled through undead bog-lords.csgo4skin.com Towards the north, just below Ost Guruth, squat Haragmar and - beyond the Red Move - the gruesome swamps of Agamaur and Garth Agarwen, where the last of the Hill-men of Rhudaur dwell amongst turned spirits and walking dead. Though these people no longer bear the entire force of Angmar’s armies behind them, the actual Hill-men work within league with rare evils - including the wight-raising Gaunt-lord as well as servant of Angmar called Ivar the actual Bloodhand, who you might have encountered earlier in the Great Barrow or in Skorgrím’s Tombhttp://www.csgo4skin.com   .

I was recently sent an email from Monte Cristo Games about their own upcoming SimCity style game Cities XL. Being a big fan of SimCity, We decided to take a look as well as was suprised to find out how awesome this game looks. So just why am I writing about a sim video game on a MMO blog? Because Cities XL will be playable online and have many MMO features. Once from the coolest things is that social networking with other towns will become very important to the success of your own town. Unlike SimCity where you have to build all you need in your city, CityXL will help you to make deals with some other players to provide things need, such as a trash dump or capacity to run your town. Want to create a show highway from a big city to your waterfront resort? Well you will need to strike the deal with that player to do so. Players will also be able to travel around the world and visit some other players cities through an avatar. You will be able to walk around and do some website seeing or you can visit designated areas where players hangout to socialize.

Another cool function is that there is a tycoon type of feature within the game. So lets say your attempt a ski resort or amusement park, you can actually go into it and make changes. Perhaps lower prices, higher more workers, etc . I’m not sure how many functions the tycoon part of the game will offer, but it’s definitely awesome to have something like that in the game to add an additional layer of depth. Stats will be a big part of the game, not only will Cities XL show you your position against other players, but it also gives you in-depth information about the people living in your city. Age group, income, education degree to name a few, plus all the other stats you would normally find in a sim type video game. The global economic climate will be player based,csgo4skin.com so if you have a big and successful enough city you might have some effect on the global economy. I’m not sure if the video game will have multiple planets or how many towns can be on one earth, but we’ll try to look for out for you. Cities XL is planned to be released in the first half of this year and is definitely one from the games on our must have list. If you choose to perform online, there will be the fee to play, however there will also be an option to play offline for free once you have purchased the gamehttp://www.csgo4skin.com   .

Recently Mythological Entertainment has introduced a Recruit-A-Friend system for Warhammer On the internet where players can earn free video game time by bringing their friend into the game. The details are as below: The Realm War continues to rage and the armies of Order as well as Destruction are usually on the lookout for new utilizes. Do you know a brave warrior that could bolster the ranks? You can earn 30 days of free game period when you recruit friends and family to join the fight in Warhammer On the internet: Age of Reckoning! Here’s how it works: Whenever you become a paying customer to Warhammer On the internet: Age of Reckoning, you will receive 3 recruitment notices to share along with friends or family. For each month you continue to subscribe, you will receive another recruitment notice (for no more than 6 at any time).csgo4skin Send a recruitment email to a family member or friend from the Account Center. This will allow your own recruit to create a trial account for seven days of free play. Unused referrals expire after 30 days and will go back back to your swimming pool of available recommendations. When your recruit gets a paying customer to WAR, you are going to receive a credit with regard to 30 days of free game time. Keep tuned in for more exciting recruitment rewards in the future!

The Corrupted Blood plague incident was one of the first events to affect entire servers. Patch 1 . 7 noticed the opening of Zul’Gurub, the game’s first 20-player raid dungeon where gamers faced off against an ancient tribe of jungle trolls underneath the sway of the ancient Blood God, Hakkar the Soulflayer. Upon engaging Hakkar, gamers were stricken by a debuff (a spell that negatively affects a player) known as “Corrupted Blood” which would periodically sap their life. The disease would also be transferred to other players who were simply standing in near proximity to an contaminated person. Originally this particular malady was confined within the Zul’Gurub example but made its way into the outdoors world by way of seeker or warlock domestic pets that contracted the condition. Within hours Corrupted Blood had contaminated entire cities such as Ironforge and Orgrimmar because of their high gamer concentrations. Low-level gamers were killed within seconds by the high-damage disease. Eventually Blizzard fixed the issue so the plague could not can be found outside of Zul’Gurub.

Much more events on the next page, Event 5: Death of the Sleeper - EverQuest -- November 15-17, 2003The guild Blood from the Spider on The Rathe server was the very first guild system-wide in order to kill Ventani (the fourth warder) upon July 28, i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet, and therefore wake the sleeper. The event triggered a stir on the server when Kerafyrm went into multiple zones, including Skyshrine, killing everyone and everything in his route. On November 15, 2003, on the Rallos Zek PvP machine, the three best guilds (Ascending Dawn, Wudan, and Magus Imperialis Magicus) assembled over 180 gamers with the intent in order to wake and kill The Sleeper. This was in response to an attempt to wake The Sleeper by an Iksar monk named Stynkfyst, who partnered with the largest random-pk guild of the time. Having been the former member of uber-guild Ascending Dawn, he previously the knowledge the arbitrary pk guild needed to wake The Sleeper.csgo4skin.com The top guilds failed to assemble their causes until word of Stynkfyst’s intentions experienced spread, and it became clear that he intended to wake The Sleeper, forever preventing future guilds from farming the old loot desk. Until this point, rising The Sleeper was not seriously considered by any kind of guilds, as it was believed that rising The Sleeper would make the offending guild’s players kill-on-sight to the other guilds from the server. After 3 hours and a quarter-hour, at 26% health, Kerafyrm disappeared (despawned). The players talked with the EverQuest Game Masters,

and there was a general consensus that a bug had caused the issue, although some suggested (backed by statements from one GM) that higher-ups at SOE experienced purposely despawned Kerafyrm, because it was not intended to be part of the story. The next day, the players logged in to find that Kerafyrm was back in his “sleeping” state, ready to be triggered once again. There was also an apology on the recognized EverQuest forums through SOE, explaining that they had stopped the encounter because they anticipated the players were using the boss in an unintended manner. Even though annoyed (the gamers pointed out that the reasons SOE gave could not possess occurred, and felt lied to),csgo4skin they attempted to battle Kerafyrm once again. On November 17, 2003, after a nearly 3-hour battle, Kerafyrm was defeated. He had between one hundred million and 400 million hit factors, likely around 250 million (most EverQuest bosses have 2 million at most), was immune to any or all spells except wizard’s manaburn spell and Shadow Knight’s Harm Touch, possessed 2 death touch abilities (abilities that instantly killed players), and attacked players for 6999 damage per swing. By using the cleric’s epic weapon and other resurrection spells, members of the squad were able to bring their dead characters back to the battle quicker than Kerafyrm might kill them allhttp://www.csgo4skin.com  .

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